Other Services

Moores Rowland Vanuatu is not your normal boring number crunching accountants. Though we are good at being this, we are also in tune with the requirements of modern day businessmen who does not have the time to shop around finding the best service for their particular needs. The businessmen who require a one stop “base” at just a click away.

Not all businesses are the same and not all have the same requirements.

These businessmen not only want to know how much money you are helping them to make, but also to facilitate and managed other services forming part of their structure.

Do you have an interest in investing in the stock market? Do you require a brokerage account to invest in equities/stock and managed the portfolio yourself? We can help you to set up a brokerage account with any reputable online brokerage firm.

Feel like taking up sailing? Buy that dream boat and register it under the company. We can assist with registration of your pleasure boat in a jurisdiction to provide you with the benefits of owning a boat registered under a foreign flag.

Browse through this section for details of other services we have assisted clients with in the past.

Please note that we are not limited to what is mentioned here. Contact us for services not listed here and we will do the hard “yakka” for you. We are open to challenges.