Doing Business in Offshore

The world of international business is a complex place. You need a partner with a reputation built over many years of doing business in the international arena.

A good understanding of different culture can impact on the success of your international business. Moores Rowland’s team of professionals through many years of dealing with clients from a wide spectrum of cultures can help you to manage, mitigate risk and assist in formulating a better approach to open up business opportunities.

If you or your company is looking for alternatives to the unfavorable tax situations that most countries can only offer, we can help.

We work closely with our clients to provide a custom-design offshore solution to match your specific business needs.

Vanuatu is a pure tax haven, and commercial activities in the country have been greatly influenced by this status. An extremely active financial centre, it is engaged in the administration and management of offshore companies, trusts and banks.

Pure, because for both residents and non-residents there are no personal or corporate income taxes, no estate or gift duties, no capital gains taxes, no exchange controls, and extensive confidentiality provisions.

The absence of these taxes, duties and controls, coupled with state of the art communications and highly- developed professional services, makes Vanuatu an ideal centre for foreign investors to base their surplus funds for investment or to base offshore companies forming part of a wider international or financial network. The Vanuatu Government is extremely active in its support, and is committed to making the country the Pacific’s foremost international financial center.

The international offshore infrastructure of Vanuatu has long been a favourite of investors. The facilities and the expertise are world standard and Vanuatu is well facilitated with a number of international banks, highly qualified professionals and modern telecommunications.

Contrary to the spin the powers-to-be would like you to believe in, international financial centres are not only places used for tax planning purposes. While this may be one of the their main uses to reduce your tax liabilities legally, they are also very important in the fields of estate and gift duty planning, minimizing stamps duties, holding of intellectual property, copyrights, trade patents etc and the circumvention of exchange controls; uses which are commonly overlooked.

Moores Rowland Vanuatu not only can assist with incorporating your company for your international business, our associate Trust company Transpacific Trust Limited can also provide the trust services to enhance and complement your tax planning and asset protection strategies.