Company officers

An international company requires as a minimum 1 director and 1 shareholder.

A local company requires as a minimum 1 resident Director, 2 shareholders and 1 secretary.

Corporate Directors and Corporate shareholders are allowed.

For the sole investor wishing to carry on business through a local company, Moores Rowland can provide a nominee to hold the other share on his/hers behalf to satisfy the minimum 2 shareholder rule.

For investors who, for security and other reasons, wish to maintain confidentiality may consider using our nominees to hold their shares on their behalf. Only the nominee’s details shown on the company’s statutory register ensuring confidentiality. For their peace of mind, a Declaration of Trust will be issued to the beneficial owner by the nominee confirming this arrangement.

We also provide company directors and secretaries to manage your company through our nominee companies.

Our Nominee companies are:-

Equity Holdings Limited, incorporated on the 28th January 1987,

Southpac Nominees Limited, incorporated on the 28th January 1987,

International Corporate Services Limited, incorporated on the 26th July 1991.